About us

We are a rapidly growing Data Science and software development company based in Ahmedabad, India. We specialize in Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence- Machine Learning-Deep Learning (AI-ML-DL), Python/R/SPSS, Data Visualization (Power BI, Excel), Blockchain-Hyperledger, and DevOps.

Our services portfolio include custom Software Development, Corporate Consulting/Mentorship, Corporate Training (Strategic Executive management to Engineering Development) for Future Technologies, Go-To-Market strategies for IT Start-ups. We build POC (Proof of concept) for complex solutions/designs.

We partner with our clients to enable them with innovative product/services ideas, supported by cutting-edge Proof of concepts, and enterprise grade solutions. Our team is trained to focus on understating the challenges and solutions of clients’ clients.

Technologies We Serve

Power BI
R Language
Angular JS
Node JS
React JS
Vue JS
React Native

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Clients Served by Our Team



Sandeep C
Freelancing Consultant | Digital Screencast

" Great team to work with. Everything done smoothly and clean code. Helped all over the project . Thanks. Will hire for another business soon."

Ayaz Qureshi
MBA from NL Dalmia / NL Dalmia

Nikhil Sir has very in depth subject knowledge, takes practical simple examples for learning, moreover he focuses on concept delivery and application knowledge which designs a way for students to learn and try to apply in real life scenarios. Very good applications and insights of new technology (For AIML/Blockchain)

Mohammad Rehan Khan

Hello Sir, The AI/Ml, Blockchain training (NL Dalmia) was great.

MBA Student

Very useful to get updated to new tech such as KNINE, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and subtle differences between them. New techniquies can also help us implement in office

Dr. Darshan Ashwin Trivedi (Ph.D.)
M&E Professional | Educator | Filmmaker

I had an opportunity to collaborate with Cilans Systems on multiple occasions for research, teaching, and executive training. The learnings imparted by the team was very insightful. I am looking forward to collaborate with Cilans Systems for my future projects."

Prof. Pooja Bhatt, MBIT

Pooja Bhatt

Greetings from the MBIT!! We would like to thank you for sharing your time and expertise for Gujcost Sponsored Six days Faculty Development Program. The Participants truly enjoyed your session conversation and gained valuable insights into the content of the session

Prof Priyang Bhatt

Training Redington Gulf, Dubai

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Mr. .Vikas Maheshwari
IOT Projects and Web applications / Greenpill

Gr8 Job....Thanks for Support. Will do Good Work Together..

Prof. HK Patel
IC Department / Nirma University

Blockchain and its future applications, Organized by The International Society of Automation (ISA) and Nirma  University.  Great Going.... Amazed with your expertise... Thanks a lot for the wonderful webinar.  You have been superb.

Soumya Phogat
Confederation of Indian Industry, Gurgaon / Greetings from CII!

We would like to extend our gratitude for your timely assistance and smooth facilitation throughout the process.  It gives us great pleasure to have partnered with you on blockchain. We have received very positive responses on participant engagement and content delivery.