Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) leads to lesser overheads and errors, increased profitability and business growth.

AI is the ability of a machine to perform cognitive function such as problem solving, reasoning, learning, which are associated with human minds. Examples of technologies that deploy AI to solve business problems are computer vision, language, virtual agents, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning.

Thus, staying ahead in the accelerating AI race requires CEOs and CTOs to make nimble, informed decisions about where and how to deploy AI in their businesses.

Machine Learning (ML) provides probabilities of occurrences (Predictions), Estimations and recommendations or solutions (Prescriptions). With ML come Data Analytics which is divided in three types, namely, Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive. ML focuses on Predictive and Prescriptive data analysis.

Advancements in AI are attributed by applying ML to large data sets. ML algorithms detect patterns and learn how to make predictions and recommendations. This is achieved by processing data and experiences, and not by receiving explicit programming instructions. Such algorithms also adapt in response to new data and experiences to improve efficacy over time.

One of the best examples of AI usage is having a CRM respond to numerous queries from your customers without any human intervention. In this case, CRM powered by intelligent conversation bots would always be responsive in a timely manner provisioning a great customer experience, thereby, increasing the reputation of your after sales service and hence, the business. Similarly, a vehicle dealer’s sales staff can get a tip when someone in the area decides to purchase a vehicle that is readily available, if they get a good deal. Thus, use of smart software that can provide a data based decisions can help grow the business rapidly. It is now a reality that, we must accept the facts that, AI and ML are no longer scientific concepts and intellectual businesses are only a few algorithms away.

Our team of Algorithm experts, Industrial Machine Learning specialists, Data Scientists and Techno-Management consultants drive innovations across our customer businesses using combination of AI and ML. We not only assist our customer by designing prototypes for their trade shows but, also implement AI in their existing and as needed develop and execute AI integrated analytics for smarter insights, ML algorithms which provide predictive diagnostics to health-care professionals, and much more. Thus, we build intelligent systems which would co-exists with any of your current infrastructure by creating AI platforms and integrating them with past and current technologies to make it competitive in the future markets.

Our customers range from Tech startups to Hospitals, Educational and Technology Innovation institutions to Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, Supply-chain & Logistics to Warehousing, and Government organizations.

Thus, our AI solutions enable decision makers across sectors to gain insights and knowledge that was undiscovered in their current operational systems. We build the tools, integrate the services and scale up systems to help you set up and implement a smarter business in no time.

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