Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/ Reinforcement Learning

AI-ML-RL is slowly becoming ubiquitous and Cilans has always been thriving to enhance the existing methods of this field. With existing algorithms, it is becoming easier to access different models. We set ourselves apart with our uniqueness in solving problems. 10 lines of code are always better than 100. Our projects range from the technology sector to agriculture. Thereby, aiming to revamp all the fields having lucidity.

Deep Learning

Data keeps on increasing and hence, the models need to train more for better performance. Deep learning proves to be a boon when data is abundant. Our data science portfolio includes Data wrangling, EDA, ML, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, GPT, Reinforcement learning, Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, TensorFlow-Lite, FastAI, OpenAI API, OpenCV, Requests, PyMongo, and PyTest.


KNIME is one such all-rounder platform. From data analytics to data science, and from data visualization to data normalization, everything is possible to be done using KNIME. It is customizable, and easy to use the software. One can document, report and analyze the projects done. The team at cilans took up the opportunity to explore the platform and carry out some phenomenal projects. They are lucid and effective which makes it all the more attractive in today’s trend.

Data Analytics/ Data visualization

Data analytics is becoming more and more popular in the coming days. The reason can be a drastic increase in the data. As the data increases, it becomes difficult to understand it. Also, visualizing the data makes data understanding easier as compared to the text data. Cilans has its expertise in the field of data analytics and data visualization. Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, and MSExcel are some tools used by Cilans to carry out the analysis.