Animal Species Classification

Apart from numerous different species, there are different species of the same animal. We proposed this project not only to classify the species but also to highlight the advantages of Google’s AutoML. It’s a no-code platform that enables non-coders to implement Machine Learning algorithms. Labeling the data : To train the model, the model needs to have a dataset that is well-classified. At least there are supposed to be some categories to label them.

After collecting the data, we can train the model by just clicking a single button. With the help of TeachableMachine, there is no need to do any smoothing or pre-processing, Teachable Machine will train a model based on the examples you provided.

Preview: /strong> Testing of the model can be done using the preview pane.

Thus, the entire model fitting procedure and finding the right weights of the features along with feature extraction- all the hassle gets removed by AutoML.