Medisure aims to provide a suite of machine learning-powered services that enable patients to demystify and better understand their medical insurance. Our current MVP is a suite of deep-learning powered NLP tools, which includes:
Personalized Medical Insurance Plan Assistant

Insurance Claim Appeal Letter Generation

Chrome Extension

The site is live and is open for the audience to use.

Personalized Medical Insurance Plan Assistant :
The users need to upload a Statement of Benefits and Coverage Document (e.g. Aetna Bronze, Cigma MD PPO). We enable users in natural language and get responses customized for their insurance policy.

Insurance Claim Appeal Letter Generation : asks the user to upload the denial notice they received from their insurance provider. We mine the denial argument along with details about the patient, plan, and procedure. Using these fields, we generate a professional, detailed, human-like claim denial appeal letter for the patient to use.

Chrome Extension :
Medical insurance policy documents are often highly convoluted and full of uncommon legal vocabulary. Sometimes, you may need to dive deep into these to gain more information. We simplify this for you, enabling people without domain knowledge or exposure to understand the clauses and make informed decisions or argue their case for an appeal if they need to.