• TOXIC GAS ANALYZER (TOGA) is a Portable Device and Application.
  • The aim is to detect the presence and levels of such gases, so proper precautions can be taken. It is a small box with an array of gas sensors with Arduino that is connected to the Mobile Application via Bluetooth and gives alerts when the ppm of certain hazardous gas peaks, which causes health risks in Industry environment. The requirement of the kind of the gas which is to be detected can be different According to the industry as well. The levels of each gas would be displayed on the TOGA Mobile Application.
  • Importance of gas sensing is to grow with increasing requirements for safety and environmental Protection across many industries.
  • The main goal of the project is to solve this serious problem of detecting harmful gases by developing a portable safety device using Arduino microcontroller along with gas detection sensors to make sure gas ppms(parts per million) are within permissible levels to support the health of factory workers.

    Smart Energy Surveillance

    Power current monitoring system successful testing at Gujarat Govt Vidhansabha campus, Gandhinagar

    IT is a backbone of all industry verticals and it has expanded to solve number of challenges in very scalable, efficient and automated way. Energy Savings is one of such cause, particularly energy is consumed by mankind is growing exponentially year after year. Smart Energy management is the key topic of any Smart City Initiative. Government of India and State Govt of Gujarat has taken number of initiatives including renewable energy solutions based on Solar and Wind, however there is immediate opportunity to effectively MONITOR and MANAGE the existing consumption of Energy, such as large industries, Government building.


    Addressing various parameters (Energy savings, Secure and Uninterruptible power), as highlighted above, Cilans systems has proposed and deployed a cutting edge IOT Solution that is custom built based on the field proven technologies and state of art products.

    Solution is build using widely deployed and field proven micro controllers and sensors (to measure voltage , current, temperature) that are integrated with own wireless communication network using RF technologies. Since Govt building won’t allow us to use their wi-fi network for security reasons, we have developed our own wireless communication intra-floor and inter-floors to cover various Distribution boards across the building.

    Features and Benefits

    Instant notifications to respective technicians about power loss anywhere, 24x7.
    Robust and field proven solution
    All intrer-module communication is archived without tapping into existing wireless infrastructure.
    Solution is always on and can handle power failure using state of art power switching circuitry to battery backup